Buddy Ft. Khalid – Trippin\’


Measure, Charlie Heat and Ant Beale have made a late spring song of praise.

Measure isn\’t precisely known for pitiful tunes however his new coordinated effort with Ant Beale and G.O.O.D. Music\’s Charlie Heat takes the inspiration higher than ever with the unequivocal title \”Observe Life.\” The gathering song of devotion is committed to celebrating being alive or, all the more precisely, not being dead. Directly after DRAM \”toasts his glass to you,\” he\’s bemoaning the way that we lost \”excessively numerous great individuals this year\” and Ant Beale tolls in, saying there\’s \”an excessive number of individuals we wish was still here.\”

Charlie Heat\’s creation is uproarious and moving with some champion piano and latin-sounding percussion capable of being heard in the more pared-down sonic minutes. At the end of the day, it\’s just about the inverse of his acclaimed, insignificant \”Charlie Heat Version\” of Kanye West\’s \”Realities.\”

This isn\’t the first run through these craftsmen have cooperated. Charlie Heat and Ant Beale discharged an EP together a year ago, which you can look at here and DRAM and Mr. Warmth teamed up on \”Charming,\” likewise in 2017.

Quotable Lyrics

I\’m similar to \’gracious my goood\’ I\’m the poop

Stroll up in the spot and what it is

All my homies ballin, you tossin\’ blocks

I\’m not on the blooock, I\’m settin\’ picks

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