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Chicago\’s own one of a kind Joey Purp is preparing the arrival of his pending Quarterthing venture, the hotly anticipated follow up to 2016\’s iiiDrops. This time around, he\’s enrolling names from RZA and GZA to Queen Key and CDOT Honcho. It\’s a 14-track exertion with highlights that feature exactly how spread over the range Joey is, and it\’s a trademark that is characterized the emcee for some time.

\”I don\’t need someone to need to think they must be either J. Cole or Rae Sremmurd when they hear my poo. Also, I don\’t need them to feel that I\’m J. Cole or I\’m Rae Sremmurd,\” Joey told HNHH in 2016. \”I need individuals to realize that you can do this crap, and the individual that likes this person can likewise like this. You gotta have the capacity to do everything.\”

\”It\’s normal for me to wanna investigate distinctive sides of what I can do,\” he included. \”That is valid. Be that as it may, I simply believe it\’s all the more so regular for everybody to do diverse things at various occasions. So when I make music, I attempt to mirror that.

Catch the full tracklist to Quarterthing underneath.

Joey Purp’s Quarterthing Album Tracklist

1. “24 Karat Gold/Sanctified”
2. “Godbody Pt. 2” featuring RZA
3. “Hallelujah”
4. “Elastic”
5 “Aw Sh*t”
6. “Quarterthing”
7. “Paint Thinner”
8. “Look at My Wrist” featuring CDOT Honcho
9. “2012”
10. “‘Fessional/Diamonds Dancing” featuring Queen Key
11. “Karl Malone”
12. “Bag Talk”
13. “LeBron James”
14 “In the Morning” featuring GZA

2step – “Hold Something”

DOWNLOAD>> 2step – “Hold Something”

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