Lil Kim – Nasty One


Lil\’ Kim is back, women and noble men!

Lil\’ Kim is a confirmed legend in the rap amusement. Hustling for more than two decades, the Queen Bee has kept on declaring her strength on other ladies who figure they can battle her. While at this phase in her profession, she has ventured back a touch to give others a chance to endeavor, she wanted to remind all of us why she\’s so exceedingly respected. Kim has dependably been hip-jump\’s terrible young lady and she\’s grasping that status in her most recent single, \”Awful One.\”

Presently accessible in global markets, the track is set to hit Spotify and Apple Music at midnight. Despite the fact that there is no present discharge date for her next collection, Kim has been taking a shot at it for a moment and this is the main sign that it could be just around the corner. Rapping over a dancehall-motivated beat, Kim has completely denoted her arrival to the diversion. Ideally, she can catch up with a firey collection.

Quotable Lyrics:

All around the globe, they know who the best is

No drug stores yet they see VS\’s

Ten karats implanted in the watch and jewelry

Paint drippin\’ off the Rari like it got asbestos

Kimmy got that mouth that\’ll leave them short of breath

Grab a n – a spirit like he got a deathwish

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