OMB Peezy – Yeah Yeah Ft. TK Kravitz


Since influencing his formal prologue to a year ago, OMB Peezy has ended up being a standout amongst the most encouraging voices turning out. In the wake of discharging his EP, Humble Beginnings in October 2017, he\’s kept on pounding harder and make more clamor. Recently, he discharged his joint undertaking with Sherwood Marty, Young and Reckless. From that point forward, he\’s discharged significantly more solo music including \”Soulja Life Mentality\” and \”Got You.\” Today, he interfaces up with TK Kravitz for his new single, \”No doubt Yeah.\”OMB Peezy and TK Kravitz serve up an ensured road banger with their new coordinated effort, \”Better believe it Yeah.\” TK Kravitz has made some real waves in the course of recent years from his joint efforts with Ty Dolla $ign, Jacquees and that\’s just the beginning. He additionally worked with Peezy on the Young and Reckless mixtape. Like a great deal of OMB Peezy\’s music, he associates provincial sounds from the West and South together and TK Kravitz networks well on the track. It\’s another nitwit track from OMB Peezy and ideally, we\’ll get another task from him soon.

Quotable Lyrics

When I was throwed away, you cleared out me by the junk can

Now that I\’m up, these bitches askin\’ for a latchin\’

You wouldn\’t get an opportunity to fuck me on the off chance that I was the last man

Bitch, I wouldn\’t utilize your pussy for the ashin\’

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