Soulja Boy – Best To Ever Do It: Album Zip Free Download


Throughout the years, Soulja Boy has been the casualty of numerous jokes. While the pinnacle of his profession came at an opportune time with singles, for example, \”Wrench That\” and \”Kiss Me Thru The Phone,\” Soulja is still in the studio turning out material to cushion his inventory. Huge Soulja reliably shares his work with the world, dropping a lot of activities consistently and 2018 is seeming to be the same. Hacking up fifteen shiny new tracks, the rapper\’s most recent task makes them make striking cases as the \”Best To Ever Do It.\”

While his status as the GOAT is easily proven wrong, numerous more youthful craftsmen have taken motivation from how Soulja controlled the web toward the beginning of his vocation, giving him practically identical clout to individuals like Lil B. Where does this one rank for you?


1. Ice Ice
2. Cotton Candy
3. Mega Star
4. Real (feat. 24 Hours)
5. New Money
6. Off The Lot
7. 100 Bandz
8. Breaking My Wrist
9. Skrt
10. I Got The Yop On Me
11. I Got Work
12. Rollie Wrist
13. Fell In Love With Bandz
14. Pull Up In A Coupe
15. Bandz Up

2step – “Hold Something”

DOWNLOAD>> 2step – “Hold Something”

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