Story Time: A New Beginning! — (Episode 9, 10 & 11)


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 Episode 9 

Mr. Jeffrey was in his office, he just finished spoken to the Secretary who told him his son came to see him.


Lex walked in, he greeted his dad and sat on the visitor’s sit.


“What do I own this surprise visit” Mr. Jeffrey asked.


“I just came to see my dad” lex smiled.


” I know you son, you only need something that’s why you are here, so spit it out” Mr. Jeffrey said relaxing in


his chair and steering at lex.

” is there any way you could asked Sandra dad if her daughter is seeing anyone because her is turning from


bad to worst and she kept rejecting me like a plague, she is pissing me off I don’t want to find out myself

because I might do something drastic that we all will regret” lex explained in a gruff voice while his dad


heaved a sigh of frustration.


” I know the feeling son, Sandra is yours and no one can take her from you, she is just behaving childish “Mr


Jeffrey assured.

” I know her dad! She is seeing someone else i am sure about that” lex muttered with sincerity.


” don’t do anything stupid, I will talk to her dad about it” Mr Jeffrey warned. Because he knew lex is angry and

when lex is angry he do not think straight.

Roy was at home, today was his off day, so he was in his room reading some online stories. Phil suddenly walked in “Roy someone is looking for you” Phil told him.

“Who is that” Roy asked getting up from the couch.

” I haven’t seen her before, but she told me her name is Sandra” Phil answered and left Roy who quickly stood up and went out.

” how did she know where I stay he asked himself as he headed to the door.

He came out and saw Sandra who sat on the bonnet of her car. She smiled as she saw him.

“How are you” she asked standing up from her car and coming to hug Roy who stood motionless.

” how did you know where i stay” Roy asked immediately they disengaged.

“You forget you wrote it on your guarantor’s form “Sandra replied.

” Sandra you know you shouldn’t be here, we are not suppose__” as Roy was about finishing the statement she kiss him on his lips halted him in the process. It lasted for about 10 seconds before she broke the kiss.

“You talk too much” she said and winked at him while Roy shrugged.

” get in we are going somewhere” she said more of a command tone than request. Roy was about protesting before she put his index finger on his lips making him to succumb to her request.

He reluctantly followed her to the car while they zoom off, she took him to a boutique, a five star boutique. Roy reluctantly followed her in.

“You shouldn’t be doing this” Roy said not willing to go any further with her.

” I wanted to, I love to so stop acting like a kid” Sandra said more of a joke while Roy shrugged.

She drew Roy’s hand while he went with her, she was the one picking the cloths for him, they spent about an hour shopping after they were done they went to the cashier to pay their bills. She counted the cloths, jolting down their prizes on a booklet she was holding.

“120.000!!” she told Sandra who handed her credit card while she slot it in the machine, Roy was just standing there with his mouth agape.

” 120.000! More than times 3 of my salary” Roy thought to himself.

They left and went to the car. ” is too expensive” Roy told her immediately they hopped in.

” I love you Roy, you deserve better.” She told him

” I love you too, but our relationship can’t work you will be getting married soon” Roy said gloomily. He knew he love Sandra and he is certain about it.

” maybe I will not be marrying lex she smiled at Roy who stared at her in disbelief.

“is my choice, no one can force me, I don’t mind if my father disowned me in the process, I love you more than you can ever imagined and I am willing to do anything just to be with you “she added while Roy kissed her.

” I will risk anything to be with you” Roy replied leaving a satisfactory smile on her face.

But his conscience was haunting him, he knew he had to break up with Nina before things fall out of place, he only accepted to be her boyfriend in other not to hurt her but now he will be breaking up with her which he will be hurting her in the process, but he don’t love her, he had to tell her, but how can he tell her without hurting her?

 Episode 10 

Sandra drove the car she halted as they got to an eatery they both alighted from the car.

They sat down while she quickly signaled to the waitress who came as fast possible.

” what would you like to take” Sandra asked Roy.

” anything” he replied.

” anything is nothing” Sandra said

” just bring two plate of fried rice and a red wine” Sandra told to waitress who left she came back and brought their orders, she dropped it on the table and left.

” So tell me about your past relationship you know I never asked of your past relationship or present if you are in any

“Sandra asked gulping a glass of wine. Roy knew he can’t tell her he is in a relationship he had already made up his mind to breakup with Nina.

” I am not in a relationship” Roy answered.

” hmmmm” she hummed starring at Roy.

“So how about your exes” she asked further

” i don’t actually have an exes, it’s just one”. Roy replied even though he knew he didn’t have an ex but he had started seeing Nina as one. He only hope she understand when he will break the news to her.

They gist and talked for about an hour before they decided to call it a day. They really had a good time especially for Sandra, she so much love him and she was glad he felt the way too.

The next day Roy went to Nina house with the intention to breakup with her he had practice his speech the way he would tell her in other not to hurt her. He decided to tell her the truth that he only concede to her request in other not to hurt her but now he was going to break up with her which he will be hurting her in the process. He can’t keep laying to her he only hope she understand.

Nina was at home, she is the only one at home her mum traveled while her dad was never around.

Roy nock at her door while she quickly ushered him in she immediately thought of her plan to get Roy to sleep with her Vivien had really done a great job in convincing her to drug Roy telling her if she didn’t do it that she will lose Roy.

She quickly ran to the kitchen where she went to serve him drink, she poured the juice on a glass cup and put the drug she shook it making sure it means with the drink before heading to the parlour with a smile on her face.

She pass the drink to Roy who collected it. Roy gulped the content of the drink to his stomach and face Nina he didn’t knew where to begin.

“So tell me how is work” Nina asked.

” work is fine “Roy replied.

About 10 minutes Roy eyes were closing his vision became blur nine suddenly planted a kiss in his lips but he didn’t respond instead he fell on the couch and drafted to a dreamless slumber.

Mr. Jeffrey had spoken to Sandra’s dad he told him lex said his daughter was seeing someone else because her behavior had been outrageous.

Immediately Mr. Johnson got home he told his wife who decided to investigate the issue.

Mrs. Naomi called the maid. “Since she is always in the house she might know if Sandra is seeing someone” she concluded to herself as she called the maid

“Madam you sent for me” the maid asked innocently.

” i want you to tell me the truth, if you lie to me and I find out, you won’t like what I will do to you” Mr. Naomi threatened while the maid became tensed.

” is my daughter seeing anybody” Mrs. Naomi asked steering at the maid who was contemplating if she should tell her the truth, she knew if she tell her the truth it might result to them sacking Roy and telling her a lie and she find out she knew she will definitely lose her job she was put in a tight corner she was in a quandary is she should tell her or not.

” what are you thinking, I hope you are not planning to lie to me” Mrs. Naomi asked jolted her from her thought.

“It was Roy!” she drop the bombshell.

 Episode 11 

“Roy!!!” Mrs Naomi asked in disbelief while the maid nodded gloomily.

Mrs Naomi angrily went to Sandra’s.

” are you dating Roy?” she asked as she approached Sandra who was shocked of her question.

She stared at her mother, she knew before she will asked her such questions she must have been informed but who could have tell her. She thought to herself as she stared at her mother.

” yes!” Sandra replied confidently damming the consequences.

” appraaa!!!!!!!!!!” Mrs. Naomi gave her daughter a resounding slap while she held her cheek in disbelief.

” you slap me” Sandra asked holding her cheek.

” and I will do it again, just know your relationship with him is over” Mrs. Naomi said and left her daughter who was wailing.

She knew for sure that Roy will be relinquish from his duty, that is the least for her problem because she knew if lex should find out he will definitely harm Roy and the last the thing wish is seeing Roy get hurt all because of her.

Mrs. Naomi walked up to her husband who sat on the bed, he just finished dressing up.

” honey! How is work today” Mrs. Naomi asked and sit on the bed close to her husband.

” Fine, what of Sandra I haven’t seen her “Mr. Johnson asked.

” I think she is avoiding us “Mrs. Naomi replied.

” and why is that” Mr. Johnson asked in surprised.

” I find out that Roy is the guy she is dating, and I told her to end anything she is having with him “Mrs. Naomi explained to her husband who was dumbfounded.

” Roy!” Mr. Johnson asked sounding perplexed.

Yeah the security guard” she answered.

” when Mr. Jeffrey called me and told me lex is accusing my daughter of having an affair with someone, I never actually believed him I thought lex is just being paranoid, I never for once thought she could even have an affair with someone not to talk of having an affair with the security guard, so she preferred a security guard more than a business tycoon” Mr. Johnson asked angrily.

” calm down” Mrs. Naomi said and patted him on his back.

” where is Roy” Mr. Johnson suddenly asked after minutes of silence.

” today is his off day, he will come around tomorrow” she answered.

” how did you even find out “he queried his wife.

” the maid told me and Sandra did not even denied it” she replied nonchalantly.

” let Roy come, he will regret ever walking to the lion’s den, and I will want you to collect Sandra in other for her but to inform Roy and tell Peter not to let her step out from the gate ” Mrs. Johnson told his wife who nodded in agreement.

Sandra could be seen trying Roy number but it wasn’t going through, she wanted to inform him not to come to work tomorrow because she knew her mum must have informed her dad and she knew what her dad could do to him. She tried and tried but all to no avail.

Her mum suddenly walked in and collected her phone that was laid on the bed.

“Why are you taking my phone” she asked.

” you won’t be needing it” her mum replied evasively and left, why Sandra kept thinking of what she is up to.

Roy woke up to find Nina beside him, he was surprised to see her naked.

” what happened “Roy asked sounding perplexed and waking Nina from sleep.

” we got a little distracted” Nina answered.

” how did we get distracted cus i can’t remember a thing” Roy replied vehemently.

” are you kidding me, you are the one that even persuade me in the act” she answered while Roy stared at her in astonishment.

He suddenly stared at his phone which was lay besides him. He saw 13 missed call all from Sandra. He quickly took his clothes and wore it without even speaking to Nina, what he came to do had been drafted from his mind, his thoughts were clouded with Sandra.

“why is she calling me “he asked himself immediately he got home he tried her number but it was switched off, he tired for many times but still switch off, he had no other option then to wait for tomorrow when he will be going to work.

To Be Continued Tomorrow… Watch Out!

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